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The Synth Professor : Clone 367
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What is Clone 367?
Clone 367 is a complete drop in replacement for your old, acid damaged Korg Polysix KLM-367. Occasionally the damage described on the Project 367 is simply too severe to make a repair viable. Until recently, obtaining a new board was simply not possible because of discontinuation by the manufacturer. Now, using a redesigned, custom printed circuit board it is possible for The Professor to build you a completely fresh KLM-367 from scratch. This has several advantages:
  • No possible further ingress of acid onto the board
  • 30 year old silicon and passive components replaced with new factory items
  • A quality, hand-built construction
  • The new board completely tested and calibrated to factory standards
This eBay listing spotted in Germany shows how the addition of the clone boarded adds considerable extra value to the sale price of the Polysix. See the final listing here.

Note! Some parts used in the construction of the board are now obsolete. Your old KLM-367 will be required in part exchange.

KLM367 before
Please contact us for an assembly quotation or to discuss any other aspect of this project. You may be intested to know that is board was a joint collaboration between Andrew Jury and Jed Jorgensen, who researched and designed the product. See this site for further details.
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