Introducing the Synth MOT – Keeping your synth sound

Most of our work is done on an MOT basis. This was an option we designed because customers like the certainty of a fixed price and we like the certainty of knowing we have done everything we can to take a synth back to A1 condition. MOTs are super thorough repair/services which should ensure you have plenty of years of playing pleasure ahead of you.

As part of the MOT program you get the following attention:

  • Case and chassis work stripped down and cleaned both inside and out.
  • Printed circuit boards and sub-assemblies removed and cleaned.
  • All soldering, socket and wiring connections inspected and made good. Large value electrolytic capacitors in the power supply replaced. Memory batteries replaced if fitted.
  • All electromechanicals (sliders, pots, switches, jacks, etc) cleaned, checked and replaced if necessary (with your consent).
  • Keyboards dismantled and keybeds/keys/contacts checked and cleaned for optimum operation.
  • Re-assembly, factory calibration, tuning and testing performed. Factory patches can be reloaded if required.