• Do you charge inspection fees?
    No, we only charge a service/repair fee, and if for any reason we can’t fix a unit, we waive any charges
  • How do you charge?
    Most of our work is done on an MOT basis, which is a fixed labour cost to cover a comprehensive service/repair designed to take a unit back to how it was when it first left the factory. We also do discrete repairs where this is more appropriate, and these are estimated once we have inspected the unit. All labour costs are agreed up front with the customer before work proceeds, with only parts and carriage on top.
  • Do you ask for a deposit?
    No, we only invoice you on completion of the work.
  • How can I pay?
    Bank transfer is easiest, but we also offer Paypal. We request that all invoices are cleared either prior to collection or on the day of collection.
  • What is your usual turnaround?
    Being absolutely honest, this is impossible to say. We always have lots of work on, some little jobs, some very big jobs, and customers with different priorities. What we try and do is set a reasonable expectation and keep you posted on progress. The thing is, there is only one of Andy and he is super diligent so things can take time – but we find that most customers appreciate the care taken and are happy to wait within reason. It’s a bit of a juggling act but we will do our best to get things back to you in an acceptable timeframe.
  • Are you happy to take in all gear?
    Our sweetspot is pre-1990 but we have seen a lot of modern equipment and have helped where we can – but it’s not always viable and sometimes there’s a better route to repair than us. For example, we direct all Access-related enquiries to their own service centre. There aren’t that many synths, drum machines etc that we haven’t see though so we will always be in a position to advise and assist.
  • Do you take deliveries by courier?
    We are happy to take deliveries by courier as long as gear is sent either in a flight case or a very well packaged and robust box. We recommend www.parcel2go.com as they are an aggregator that lets you choose from a whole host of delivery options. As regards couriers, Parcelforce and UPS seem to be the ‘least worst’ option.
  • Do you allow callers in person?
    Yes, we do and we encourage it. We much prefer gear to be brought in and then tested/ collected by customers and you will always be made welcome at the workshop. It’s a great opportunity to meet up and chat through a unit’s issues as well as talk through timings, costs etc, and just have a coffee and general natter. There’s always plenty of interesting things to have a poke around in.
  • What are your opening hours?
    We are usually available normal working hours Mon-Fri, but with some notice we can also be around weekday evenings and at weekends. We know some customers have to travel a fair way and that weekends are the only option so we try to accommodate them whenever possible. The best thing is to talk to us and we can try and work out something mutually convenient.